How to Upload on Google Drive.

Simple way to upload in Google Drive.

Google  is one of the best way to search for any information’s.In google we have different features and products that are being provided that’s makes our life much today’s busy day to day activity we often get stuck somewhere in between any work  but with the kind of services provided by google we can make our life lot easier.

So today I will explain here about one of the best product or services that goggle is having and that is GOOGLE DRIVE.

What is google drive?

In simple word or what we call it in layman language is “its an storage for files”. Google drive launched in the year April 24 2012.It is an online platform where we can store our files and folder as well as it will give us an option of google drive we can upload our files and folder and can access it from anywhere in the the past we often struggle to store our files in our personal computer due to low storage and if we want to store a file we have to either store it in a floppy drive or in a CD Drive but that became risky and has limited capacity as the Compact disk can get scratched and can be stolen or ether we can lost it. So that’s become risky but now as we have google drive we don’t need to think about lost or stolen as its an cloud storage where we can upload our file and we can store it for a longer period of time until  and unless we want to delete our account permanently.

So How do we use it and how to upload files and folder to google drive directly from a PC or Laptop?

For using google drive we need to have an google account.So please follow these steps below to know how to use google drive? and how to upload files and folders in google drive?

  • Go to and type google drive  as shown below.

How to upload in google drive

How to upload in google drive

  • Now a new page will open please click on google drive as shown below.

how to upload in google drive

  • Now you will redirected towards google login page there we have to login with our own login credentials.

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How to upload in Google drive

  • We will see now an google drive homepage.

How to upload on Google drive

  • Now we have to click on the +NEW on the left hand side of the page to create a new folder.

How to upload on google drive

  • Now one popup will open up where we have to name it for the type of files we will be uploading on drive.For instance we can name it as “Document”If we would upload any document files on the drive and click on create.

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How to upload on Google Drive

  • Now we see that Particular folder we have created.

How to upload on Google Drive..

  • Now click on Folder created by us.As we have created folder “Documents‘ we will click on it.

How To Upload On Google Drive.

  • Now we can See Our Folder.As we do not have any files in it is Showing Empty.Here we can see “Drop files here” so we just have to drop that particular file which we want to upload to google drive.So in the next step open up that particular folder from your laptop or PC and drag and drop it to google drive.

How to Upload On Google DrIVE

How to Upload On Google Drive

  • Here we can see our file started uploading.

How To Upload On Google Drive.

  • Our File uploaded Successfully.

How To Upload On Google Drive.

So this is How we can upload any files on google drive.advantages of using google drive are vast but to start a few are as we can access google drive from anywhere in the world at anytime.we can use google drive to upload any kind of documents whether we want to store our music collections or adding any videos we can do it by this way.

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