How to speed up your android phone -2018

How to make your android Phone faster 2018

Different Ways to speed up your phone.

Mobile phones are just becoming an integral part in our everyday is getting massive improvements, new innovation is in booming stage.but with the leading technological advancement, will be getting lots of barriers that will indulge us to work on our own for some better improvement.

It happens to all of us that when you purchase a new mobile phone, it works very fast at blazing fast speed. but eventually for some reasons it starts to slow down. Apps take longer to open. Switching off the phone may lag behind or it might just not be very responsive in general.

Well, the good news is that you guys are in the right place. Here I will show you some surprisingly simple tips, which can be helpful to get your phone up and running almost like new.

I am sharing some of the tips which I personally follow to speed up my let’s just look into these steps.

  • In this step, I will tell you about the installed app. It is the most important things that we should bother about it. so when was the last time you went through and deleted all your unused apps? just sitting on your phone you might be thinking that they are not really doing any harm. but every app is taking up space, that possibly reduces the speed of the flash memory.  one more thing your phone has to check for updates and install new updates from the Play Store that uses up more bandwidth and resources. every time it does that and even if you aren’t using certain apps, they may still be taking up background resources without your knowledge .so if you’ve been planning to speed up your phone first you should delete all the unused app.

How to make your android phone run faster -2018

  • Next one is to remove any bloatware that came pre stalled with your phone. Bloatware usually makes it harder to you might have thought that you couldn’t uninstall certain apps so if you see any pre-installed bloatware that doesn’t have the option to uninstall.the first thing you should do is  just go to the settings,then select the Troublesome one and there you should hopefully see the option to disable it, or something similar and that should be the trick that you should always follow.

How to make your android phone run faster -2018

  • Now I am going to show you to  figure out the total space used by you need to go to your settings, then storage and now you can view  how much your phone space is being taken up . if you have more no of images and videos, then maybe you back them up elsewhere and clear those out. if you have a large chunk of apps installed on your phone, then you can click on that again and it will show you specifically which apps are taking up the most space. you can sort the order to be most space, and it might make you realize that maybe you do not use some of those huge apps. now it is not good enough to keep them installed on your phone it is not worth it. click on the app to see how much data is being taken up by that particular  app.there are only two options left with you. first either uninstall that particular app or else you can usually clear the cache to free up a bunch of space. That’s just a temporary solution but they again can accumulate apace over time.

How to make your android phone run faster -2018

How to make your android phone run faster -2018

  • Now moving on to the next step we need to look for how many apps we have in our home screen. they are obviously useful but if you have a lot of them, it could be taking up lots of space. think about this and at least give it a shot try removing some widgets especially those ones that dynamically update and you might not be using. Just see if it makes a difference at all. I imagine it would especially probably help on older phones with less RAM.

  • Now in this step, we will investigate which app is using large no of battery usage.  if you think about it the more battery an app uses probably the more resource, that uses even though it might not be a direct correlation. So what we need to do is go to the settings, the battery and there you will see which apps are consuming more battery usage. now you have to consider some things here because obviously, some might just be using more battery .see if there are any apps that seem to be using much more battery than you think that they should. few you have a couple of options, you do not necessarily have to uninstall it right away you can try going to that app poke around in the settings, and see if there’s anything you can change that might reduce how much battery it uses. for instance, you could try disabling push notifications, or turn off location services for it or disable some feature that you’re not using or just reduce the frequency of how often it checks for new stuff. obviously, it’s going to be different for every app but I think you get the gist of it.

How to make your android phone run faster -2018

  • In this step, you have to go to disable animation. this may or may not make a big difference, but it should at least make your phone feel a bit faster. so first of all if you do not have the developer options menu enabled, you need to enable it on your phone. so to do that you just go to settings about phone and then go down to the bottom of the build number and tap on out a bunch of times, and it will enable the developer options menu.

How to make your android phone run faster -2018now go back in the main settings window and go to that new developer options menu near the bottom. here you will see a lot of advanced Options, you need not to concern yourself with at the moment .but the ones that you will be interested in are the ones that say animation scale.there should be three of them this basically changes how fast or slow animations on the phone. such as the animation when opening and closing apps or switching between menus. there you have to simply turn them off. now when you click to open an app it will skip the animation and get right to work loading the app again it might not make a major real difference but things should actually feel a bit faster because the app opens instantly or closes.

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  • In this step, I am going to give you tips on chrome mobile web browser for data saving. first, you need to do is go to Chrome and then go to settings.  look for where it says data saver, then click on that and turn it on.what this does is it will compress web pages that you visit before it sends it to your phone. that way you can use less bandwidth and presumably it might make websites load a bit faster too. because it does not have to load as much data in the first place. it won’t work on every site. such as anything that is encrypted but that is a good thing because you would not want Google or anyone else for that matter to see your secure connection.

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I will tell you a secret which will help to disable auto sync on certain apps. for doing that go to settings and then account and this will show a bunch of different apps, that periodically check for updates and sync data. for one reason or another, there is an option to disable auto sync altogether for everything. but I would not do that because you definitely want to keep all to think on for your Google Account. but you can go into apps individually and hopefully it should give you the option right there to turn off syncing.

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