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best android app

Top 10 best Android App

Today’s topic is about Best Android app of all we will look into some of the App’s which we will use to perform certain tasks.Now a days there are plenty of Apps we will find on Google play store.When we are using google store we generally see lots of Apps to download but what we don’t  know which one would be the best one to install.

Android apps are so much useful that will help us in sorting out any problem on our mobile questions arises as how to download the Apps and from where.for instance we would like to listen music we know that google music app is there but still we would like to use other apps for listening music.

As we know that on google play music we can listen songs but most of the times we ended up paying a nominal fee  for listening a song. But what if we wanted to listen our own download songs that are stored on our memory stick and that too free of cost.when that type of situations arises  we are confused on which app we should install as there are plenty of music players.we get confused in between selecting and installing the best.likewise there are apps for productivity,apps for playing videos,apps for tod0 list and many more but we are just confused about choosing the best app.

So Don’t worry today we will show you best app to download and install.

Here is a List of Top 10 best Android App.

1.Nova Launcher Prime

Its one of the best Launcher till date.It has many good features which is best compare to other mobile launchers.we can easily customize nova launcher as per our need.with nova launcher one can easily customize the home screen with new icons and animations.with nova launcher we an use the widget at our ease.most beautiful thing about this launcher is we can hide our apps.

Best Android App

2.Google Pay(TEZ)

Google pay Previously Known As Tez.Google pay is one of the best app in today’s date as its made a simple way to transact online.Google pay is the app which can be used in paying bills,transferring money,recharge and we can also use google pay in our nearby restaurants ,kirana shops and pay the bill.the most interesting part about google pay is every time we use google pay for paying bill,recharging or sending money we get an scratch card where we can get good amount of cashback in return.

10 Best App


Musicxmatch app is best for the music lovers who want to listen songs and want to sing along.often we have seen that when we watch movies we use subtitle to watch the movie properly if there is some language barriers.but what if we can see the lyrics or subtitle on playing music.with this app we can listen music with the properly synchronized lyrics.we can also look into the translated lyrics with this app.there is also an option to search a song by title,movie,and artist.

10 best App

4.Last Pass-Free Password Manager.

Last Pass is one of the best password manager and locker.By using last pass we can store our important passwords in last pass and can lock it so that no one can access it.the most best thing about last pass is we can store our online shopping website passwords in last pass and whenever we will do online shopping it will automatically detect the username and passwords that saves lots of time to enter the credentials manually.

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Its one of the best App to save battery life and reduce the mobile lagging time.greenify generally put the misbehaving or non used app into hibernation mode so that the phone does not hang up.

6.WhatsApp Business.

Whatsapp business is an onetime solution to do business smoothly.with whatsapp business we can reach to our customers directly we can share more information’s and help them to buy the best product or services.whatsapp business is very much helpful in growing your business and to reach out to large no of customers.

7.Save For Instagram

Save for Instagram is an easy to use app for downloading and saving Instagram videos and Images.

8.UC Browser Mini.

Uc Browser Mini is an tiny fast and reliable web browser with lower storage and specifications.Uc browser mini comes with an Ad Blocker,night mode,Data Saving,Smart Downloading.Uc Browser mini will give you a great browsing experience.Its been Awarded by:Frost and Sullivan Best Practice Award 2013,best android browser award 2012,2011.

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9.VLC For Android.

VLC Player is the most suitable player in pc but now we have it for android as well.we can play different formats in VLC has an inbuilt equalizer for playing music.vlc player for android can play each and every video format starting from avi,mp4,mkv,wmv,mov,ogg includes a widget for audio control as well.


Truecaller is the best app as an caller id which can be use in any android device.truecaller helps you to block mobile numbers which you don’t want to keep it on your phone contacts but still they are calling you.with the help of truecaller you can block the telemarketers and spammers.we can identify the name of unknown callers.we can records the call’s with the help of truecaller.with the help of truecaller you can backup your calling history and contacts.truecaller is also helpful in automatically detecting spam messages and the best thing about it is we can block those spam short truecaller is the full package with advanced features of calling and messaging.

10 Best AppThese are the best Android apps.All these app’s can be downloaded from google play store.some of the apps are paid but they are the most valuable app of all time.

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